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  • Motor: 2,000 watt rated power BLDC dual hub motor
  • Battery: 84 volt – 60 Ah – 5,040Wh – LG main pack with a 12 volt – 16 Ah – 192Wh stem battery for lighting and accessories
  • Max mileage: 105 miles (mileage may vary depending on rider weight, road conditions, and ambient temperature)
  • Max Speed: Up to 55+ mph (depending on rider weight, road conditions, state of charge, and ambient temperature)
  • Braking System: 4 Piston Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
  • Scooter Weight: 183 lbs
  • Product Material: Frame and Handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel, and plastic covers


  • Gear Setting (1-5)
  • Password Setup
  • Speed Unit (km/h, mp/h)
  • Kick Start (Off / On)
  • Speed Limitation (5 to 100%)
  • Motor Torque (50% / 75% / 100%)
  • EBS (0-5)
  • Backlight Brightness   (0-5)
  • Automatic Shutdown  (1-30 mins)
  • Automatic Safe Mode (0-300s)
  • ABS (Off / On)
  • Wheel Diameter (5-26 in, set at 13 in)
  • System Voltage (36-84V, set at 84 V)
  • Motor Magnets (5-30, set at 15)

EY4 Color LCD Display

Minimotors fourth-generation widescreen display, with a separate screen and accelerator design. With the wide display, all scooter information is more easier to read than ever. Speed, range, battery value, controller temperature, bluetooth, and other functions status can be seen on the main interface. And the anti-glare screen will not cause eye discomfort when riding in the sun.

EY4 Color LCD Display

Advanced Settings

EY4 meter supports bluetooth connection, all basic settings can be set on the phone after connecting via bluetooth (App can be downloaded in Google Play and Apple App Store).

– Prevent BMS Cut Mode (on/off)

– Overtaken Function (on/off)

– Anti-theft lock function (on/off)

– DIY LED mood lighting (Free choose color and brightness)

Advanced Settings

100 Watt Headlights

Minimotors independently developed headlights which using customized lamp beads and aluminum housing.

100 Watt Headlights

Damping System

X Limited is designed with a thicker spring, which can prevent the excess jumping of the spring and scooter to achieve stable riding.

Damping System

Hydraulic Brake With 4-piston Caliper

The 4-piston caliper allows a wider contact area for the disc brake rotor and provides an incredible 50% more stopping power than the previous model. Besides, the 4-piston caliper prevents the wobbling motion of the disc brake rotor and reduces noises significantly.

Hydraulic Brake With 4-piston Caliper


The BEAST is BACK!  The baddest electric scooter on the planet just got a little bit badder.  The Dualtron X Limited continues to push the boundaries of what electric technology is capable of.  This is the new powerhouse of our lineup and the best electric scooter on the market.  Featuring the new EY4 color LCD display with Extreme OVERTAKE function for a boost of extra power when you need it, new motor magnet technology to optimize the power curve, 4 piston braking calipers, and a fully adjustable coil over suspension, the X Limited has it all and more.  Download the new MiniMotors App to get vital information on your ride and to connect with other riders in your area!

Seat kit will be sold separately.


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